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1   Link   Speck Pumps
The greatest name in swimming pool, spa and bathtub pumps in South Africa and throughout the world. For more than 100 years Speck Pumpen have designed and produced innovative high quality pumps for the swimming pool industry worldwide.
2   Link   Waterlinx
Waterlinx ably supported by its four divisions is your complete one stop supplier of swimming pool, solar, koi and spa products. Formerly Waterlines, Waterlinx ( Pty) Ltd was established in the early 90’s with a total staff compliment of eight.
3   Link   Zodiac
Swimming pool maintenance is made easy thanks to the wide array of pool care products from Zodiac.
4   Link   Kreepy Krauly
The story begins way back in 1951, when a penniless refugee, Ferdinand Chauvier, from the then Belgian Congo, brought his family to South Africa. Ferdi was a qualified hydraulics engineer, and had previously owned a hydraulic pump factory. Ferdi used his mechanical skills at a service station in Springs - (Gauteng).
5   Link   Pentair Pool & Spa
Pentair Water Pool and Spa® is the leading global provider of swimming pool equipment and accessories for residential, commercial and municipal swimming pools.
6   Link   HTH
HTH Pools are easily recognizable by their water – it is sparkling blue and crystal clear! But a healthy pool is about more than just blue water, it’s about the personal satisfaction of knowing that you and your family can jump in at anytime!

We have provided all the info you need to help you to keep your pool in the best condition - simply!
7   Link   Bioguard
Whether you’re a new pool owner or an experienced one, we’ll turn you into the neighborhood pool expert in no time.
BioGuard® Pool and Spa care products are only available at professional pool care outlets.
8   Link   Justchlor
9   Link   Cemcrete
Over the past 36 years Cemcrete has become a world leader in the field of cement-based finishes. Our dedication to quality is unwavering and our technical support exceptional.
Should you accept anything less?
10   Link   NCS Resins
Manufacturers and suppliers of high quality unsaturated polyester resins, gelcoats, pigments, epoxy-vinyl ester resins, accessories and processing equipment to the Southern African and International GRP industries.
11   Link   Scott Bader
Scott Bader manufactures high quality, innovative synthetic resin and polymer products, designed and tested to meet the specific technical requirements of our customers and their applications.
12   Link   Harveys Composites
Harveys Composites (Pty) Ltd distributes a comprehensive range of products to the Composites industry in Southern Africa and the Indian Ocean islands. They carry an extensive range of resins, gelcoats, pigments, reinforcements, catalysts, additives, laminating aids, equipment and accesories from various leading international manufacturers.
13   Link   e-Clear
Eclear oxygenator systems are 100% chlorine free, salt free and ozone free. With e-clear you can swim in healthy oxygen rich mineral water and have pool water that is fit to drink. Your swimming pool water will be soft, gentle and soothing to invigorate the body and mind.

Salt in Water

When salt is dissolved in water, the sodium and chlorine break apart to form free sodium ions and chloride ions. Effectively keeping your pool clean.

Baracuda G2

A Baracuda G2 has a 36 - finned disc.


The most common and effective sanitiser of swimming pools in the world is Chlorine.

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