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Glossary Of Swimming Pool Terms & Definitions
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LADDER A structure for climbing up or down; consists of two parallel sides joined by a series of crosspieces that serve as footrests. It is used for getting in and out of the pool. A double-access ladder straddles the pool wall of an above-ground pool. An in-pool ladder is located in the pool only.

LEAF BAGGER A device that attaches to a telepole and a garden hose. Pressure from the garden hose creates a suction by which leaves and large debris are sucked into a large mesh bag.

LIGHT NICHE The area in a pool or spa that house the underwater light.

LINER Also called vinyl line - The vinyl membrane that acts as the container to hold or contain the water.

LIQUID ACID (31.45% hydrochloric acid) - also called muriatic acid - It is used for lowering pH, total alkalinity and for various cleaning needs. It is also used for acid washing.

LIQUID CHLORINE A sodium hypochlorite solution. Usually provides 10 to 12% available chlorine; has a pH of 13 and requires that small amounts of acid be added to the pool to neutralize the high pH. Good for regular chlorination and superchlorination.

LITH. HYPOCHLORITE Lithium Hypochlorite - A dry, granular chlor- inating compound with an available chlorine content of 35%. It is rapid-dissolving and can be used to superchlorinate vinyl-liner pools, painted pools or fiberglass pools as well as spas and hot tubs.


Salt in Water

When salt is dissolved in water, the sodium and chlorine break apart to form free sodium ions and chloride ions. Effectively keeping your pool clean.

Baracuda G2

A Baracuda G2 has a 36 - finned disc.


The most common and effective sanitiser of swimming pools in the world is Chlorine.

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