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Planning Your Pool - Pool Shapes

There are a variety of pool shapes to choose from. Many factors will influence your decision when considering what shape of pool to build. Some of these include the size of your garden, your current landscaping and your reason for building a swimming pool.

Very few people have the space to accommodate an Olympic sized pool, so be realistic when selecting your new pool's shape. It is vital that you consult a professional when choosing a pool shape as they will give you advice on whether what you want is feasible or not.

Various Pool Shapes

As a starting point we have gathered some information for you on the various types of pool shapes on offer:

Remember that concrete pools offer far more flexibility when it comes to shape than pre-moulded or fibreglass pools. For more advice on what's best for your needs please consult a pool building professional.

Accentuating Your Pool's Shape

Remember that regardless of the shape you select, you will be able to create the perfect outdoor setting simply by selecting complementary features. Water features should enhance rather than overwhelm the pool and play areas, plants and patios should seamlessly be incorporated into the design. Remember that there are loads of different things you can do to accentuate your pool's shape. The surfaces around the pool, the foliage you choose to plant and the interior surface of the pool should all complement your new pool's shape.

Once you've selected the location and shape of your new pool you'll be ready to consider the various types of pools.


Salt in Water

When salt is dissolved in water, the sodium and chlorine break apart to form free sodium ions and chloride ions. Effectively keeping your pool clean.

Baracuda G2

A Baracuda G2 has a 36 - finned disc.


The most common and effective sanitiser of swimming pools in the world is Chlorine.

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